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The first lesson of the Samputensili master basic course on the gears tooth machining took place at SAMP Group...

During the Wear of Materials 2019 International Conference in Miami, FL, Samputensili Cutting Tools, together with the German RWTH...

What we do:

We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality gear cutting tools and machine tools. From grinding to shaving machines and from hobs to master gears we offer a comprehensive range of machines and cutting tools around world.

Along with strategic partner, we produce gear generating grinding, gear profile grinding, shaving, resharpening and chamfering machines as well as hobs, master, chamfering and chamfer-roller and deburring tools, shaper and shaving cutters.

Clients’ needs are our priority and beyond precision is our philosophy!


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Gear dry grinding

The SG 160 SKYGRIND is the first gear dry grinding machine in the world. It ensures cycle times for...

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scudding tools Samputensili

Scudding ® Tools

Scudding technology allows the machining of internal or external gears/splines without the need of an undercut or groove.

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