Rotor application

Rotor technology is well known in industrial air compressor units; besides, the rotor technology can be used in:

  • Automotive engines
  • Snow blowers
  • Industrial refrigerators
  • Oil-free air compressor to provide clean air supply in the food industry, for medical and sanitary purposes, for saunas, etc.
  • Pressure units in silo trucks for the transfer of dry materials such as granulates, plastics, sand, flour, cement, lime and silicate
  • High-efficiency pneumatic tools for racing sports as well as regular pneumatic tools for car maintenance

Our experience of over 50 years in the manufacturing of gear cutting tools enable us to offer you machinery, equipment and service to manufacture high quality rotors for air and gas compressors.

Our tailored solutions for rotors are specially designed to meet your specific drawing and quality standard requirements at competitive prices. Samputensili profile grinding machines satisfy the highest standards of accuracy and productivity but bearing also a clear advantage in terms of flexibility and reaction time when prototypes are needed quickly. These machines can use both dressable ceramic and electroplated CBN wheels.

Moreover, new software developments in rotor geometry design enable us to enhance the mating quality between the screws of your rotors on a job order basis, increasing the volumetric performance of the compressor unit.