Screw application

Screw pumps can have two or three shafts. These pumps can transport oil, lubricants or other fluids. They have high efficiency and run without a high noise level. The pump performance can be easily controlled by electronic frequency converter. The fluid transport is absolutely constant without any turbulence. Moreover, the self-priming is another advantage of these pumps.

These pumps are self-priming and, for the geometry of the screw, have a sealed chamber which moves constantly from the intake to the outtake side. Despite the revolutions in the pump, there are no turbulences in the fluid.

Screw pumps are used mainly in following industries:

Hydraulic pumps, fuel transfer pumps, as a lubricating oil pump in the marine and offshore engineering, as filling pumps in petrol tanks and pumps in hydraulic systems, ballast pumps, circulating pumps, general service pumps, trim pumps, transfer pumps, fire pumps, cooling water pumps in all industries.

Our machines are able to grind the pump screws with all different geometries because they are able to grind the profiles with XY-coordinates input data. The grind process can be done very quickly, because it is possible to use a different roughing and finishing wheel on our machines.

Grinding of the outside diameter or the spline gear is also possible. In a close loop, we are able to control the quality in high production, too. In this case we can do the checking with both the onboard checking on the grinding machine and on an external measurement machine. The machine software will do the profile corrections automatically. The transport between our machine and the measurement machine can be done with an automation module.