Shaft application Samputensili

A shaft is a long piece of metal, usually circular in cross section, in an engine or machine that turns and transmits power or movement to another part of the machine. They are used for transmitting rotary motion and torque from one point to another. There are various elements which are mounted on it, such as: pulleys, sprockets, cams and gears etc. The most used method to connect these mechanical elements is by keys, which transmit rotary motion and torque. The shaft family is mainly composed of 2 types:

  • Transmission shafts
  • Machine shafts

We are specialized in the former type. Mostly the material used to manufacture shafts is steel. The length of the shafts is variable, however Samputensili is specialized to grind shafts with a length up to about 2m. However, our team is able to design and customize the grinding solutions based on clients specific requirements.