18 – 22 September 2018 Samputensili at the AMB 2018 Stuttgart

Samputensili AMB 2018

We are glad to announce our participation at the AMB 2018 Stuttgart (September  18 – 22, 2017), which will take place in Stuttgart.

AMB, the international exhibition for metal working, is a leading industry trade fair for metal-cutting technology. Every two years more than 1,450 exhibitors from 33 countries showcase the latest developments in machine tools, precision tools and relevant periphery for metal machining.

We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Soon more information

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Gabriele’s internship experience in Samputensili

Gabriele internshil in Samputensili

“For the past four weeks i had the unique occasion to work at Samputensili thanks to the “Young apprenticeship programme” (alternanza scuola lavoro) supported by my school, Istituto Salesiani. This experience marked my access to the business world since it was my first time in the real working life, where I had the chance to see all I learned at school. Indeed, working for and with a big group like SAMP is not like going to school. In fact, at school you just study hard in order to get nice marks and most of the time you are doing it individually. Instead at SAMP I have always worked within teams. This is a completely different approach for me and I liked it. In particular, I appreciated the fact that in this way everybody is responsible for our common goal: client’s satisfaction.

I felt welcomed by everybody, from my tutors to workers, who were friendly and keen to teach me the secrets of the job. I have carried out calculation activities as well as more practical activities related to the assembly and adjustment.

Furthermore, I have noticed that SAMP is particularly focused on safety and its related norms. Indeed, during my internship, I attended a course on security and safety and one on the bearing assembly. Both were extremely interesting.

Now, I have to decide if I will continue my studies in the engineering area or start to work immediately. In both cases, I would like to work in the SAMP Group”.


SU technology seminar in India


On week 9th, 2017 Samputensili Cutting Tools organized a technical seminar in Delhi, India.

The group of attendants was composed by experts working for some of the most relevant powertrain companies in India, ranging from motorcycle through car to truck industries.

The seminar was focused on the whole range of Samputensili manufacturing program showing all its aspects, advantages and technical facts.

After a brief digression about Samputensili company and Star-Su joint venture given by Teodore Ceglia, General Manager Samputensili Cutting Tools, our Gear Technology Manager, Dr. Deniz Sari spoke about technical details, challenges and solutions for gear manufacturing processes.

It has been a pleasure to have all of you on our Seminar.

Hoping to see you all

Below some images of the event

New gear technology manager

New gear technology manager Deniz Sari

We are proud to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Ing. Deniz Sari to the newly created position of Gear Technology Manager for Samputensili and its joint-venture Star SU. A talented leader and industry expert, Deniz brings significant experience, knowledge and passion for gears to the business.

Born in Aachen, Germany, the 31-year-old holds a Diploma Degree and a Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the RWTH Aachen University. After his study, he has worked first as a researcher, then as the Leader of the Gear Manufacturing Group of the WZL of RWTH Aachen University.

In his new role of Gear Technology Manager, Deniz will analyze all best practices coming from Samputensili and Star SU manufacturing plants around the world, combine them and optimize all production processes from design to shipping, not only from a technical, but also from an organizational point of view. In this sense, he will be responsible for supporting the international sales structure by developing solutions, systems and synergies across the company, and helping to establish seamless consumer experiences worldwide.

“As our organization continues to expand and evolve worldwide, talented professionals like Deniz help us grow and strengthen our position on the market,” said Teodoro Ceglia, General Manager of Samputensili Cutting Tools. “In particular, Deniz’s extensive experience with production processes, technological solutions and industry experts will make our training programs stronger and more valuable for our customers who attend.”

“Aachen University and the WZL represents state-of-the-art education and process development in gear manufacturing technology. We are very pleased to have Deniz Sari become part of our global gear technology team to help us develop gear manufacturing technology for the next generation,” said David Goodfellow, President of Star SU LLC.

“I am excited to join the company in a position where I can share my knowledge and skills,” said Deniz. “After working for the WZL of RWTH Aachen University, I look forward to putting my experience to work and implementing best-in-class systems across the company, including a strategic focus on the innovation of gear cutting tools, which will help customers grow their profits and efficiency.”

After an extensive training of several months in Italy at Samputensili, Deniz will move to headquarters of Star SU, located in Hoffman Estates, Chicago, IL. “I am enthusiastic of the opportunity to connect people all around the world through ideas and technology.”

18 – 23 September 2017 EMO Hannover 2017

EMO Hannover 2017

We are glad to announce our participation to the EMO Hannover 2017 (September 18 – 23, 2017). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

At EMO 2017 in Hannover, we will present exciting world premieres, numerous innovations and state-of-the-art product solutions:

  • SG 160 SKYGRIND: The first gear dry grinding machine in the world! A ground-breaking concept that totally eliminates the need for cutting oils during the grinding of gears after heat treatment.
  • G 160: The fastest gear grinding machine in the world! On this state-of-the-art machine the change of workpieces takes up less than 2 seconds including meshing, synchronization
    and simultaneous repositioning of the tool.
  • G 375 H: Profile grinding machine for an unmatchable fl exibility! Based on a modular design concept and featuring a wide range of options, this best-selling machine is engineered to grind gears, shafts, worms, rotors and screw-type workpieces.
  • Cutting Tools: Also on display our wide array of gear cutting tools such as hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters etc., enriched with new innovative materials and coatings, and enhanced by the worldwide partnership with Star SU.

Please write an e-mail to to arrange a meeting, so we can schedule our agenda in the best possible way!

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Come to visit us at Hall 26, Booth A56.

23 – 26 may 2017 AMB Iran 2017

Samputensili AMB Iran
We are glad to announce our participation to the AMB Iran 2017 (May 23 – 26, 2017) in Theran. We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!More information coming soonClick here to know more about the AMB Iran 2017!

17 – 22 April 2017 CIMT 2017

CIMT 2017

We are glad to announce our participation to the CIMT 2017 (April 17 – 22, 2017) in Beijing, China. We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Come to visit us at Hall W1, Booth 255 !!!

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SAMP celebrates 80th years!


This year SAMP celebrates its 80th anniversary.
When the company began in 1936, the original 15 employees in our first building – a small factory in zola Predosa, near Bologna (Italy) – could not have foreseen that 80 years later, their tiny little business would be a global company operating across 5 continents.

We would like to express our gratitude to the thousands of machine operators, service technicians, engineers, employees and managers that have served our company with loyalty and commitment over these 80 years. As we continue to build a stronger company thanks to the new acquisitions and partnerships worldwide, we fully recognize that our people are the foundations of our long and fruitful success story.

Below some images from the 80th Anniversary dinner

26 – 31 January 2017 IMTEX Bangalore 2017

IMTEX 2017

We are glad to announce our participation to the IMTEX Bangalore 2017 (January 26-31, 2017). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Come to visit our booth Hall 4, Stand No. A122 !

More information coming soon

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SAMP Group also on Instagram

Instagram SAMPGroup

We know, it took a little while, but finally we are on Instagram! Come and join us on Instagram for beautiful photos, unique behind-the-scenes pictures and more.

Instagram is our new way of making you aware about our work and trying to give you different points of view on engineering in general.

In the SAMP group Instagram account you will also be able also to admire art photos from the SAMP Award of the previous years. The SAMP Award has been organized in collaboration with “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Bologna. It ran for 3 editions (2006-2008-2012), and for each of them the students of the prestigious art academy were challenged to create their best artworks on a specific topic. The first edition was about gears, the second one on wire and cable and the last edition students had to design a project to decorate a white wall of the new SAMP’s plant in Bentivoglio.

So if you like photography, engineering and art in general do not hesitate to follow us. Do not be passive, use Instagram to communicate with us, sharing your engineering art or suggestion. How to do it? Easy, use #SAMPGroup or #beyondprecision ! We will be happy to share your artworks and take suggestions.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words” – Elliott Erwitt

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