Interview with Antonio Maccaferri

Antonio Maccaferri Samputensili

Gear Technology, one of the most influential and prestigious American magazines in our sector, has recently published an extensive interview with Antonio Maccaferri, President of SAMP.

The article retraces the history of the Maccaferri Family and therefore of the Bolognese company, going back to the end of the 19th century through the two World Wars, recalling the numerous events that contributed to the establishment of SAMP and, later, of its brand Samputensili.

More than anything else, Mr. Maccaferri highlights the evolution of the company and the process of verticalization that over the decades has led Samputensili to its development into one of the most well-known global providers of complete solutions (machine tools, tools and services) for the gear manufacturing.

In the interview Mr. Maccaferri also speaks about the keys to success for running a family business operating on a global scale, concentrates on the regions of the world that are most promising in the gear manufacturing sector and reflects about the major challenges and goals for SAMP both in the near and in the long term.

These excerpts are from the full interview published in English in the February issue of Gear Technology:

What are the keys to success for running a family-run business now in its third generation, operating on a global scale? 
“SAMP is in fact only a part of the family business, the Maccaferri Industrial Group, which is an international reality boasting a rich portfolio of activities ranging across the widest of sectors, from environmental engineering solutions to real estate and construction, from the food industry to tobacco, going through biotechnologies and the field of renewable sources of energy.
One of the main keys to success can be found in the fact that our Group has always relied on a strong team of experienced managers and high-skilled professionals specialized in their own field, whereas family members take care of the strategy and co-ordination.”

How has the gear industry evolved since you took over as President in 1995?
“Surely the industry has dramatically changed, especially as far as internationalization and diversification on a global scale are concerned. For example, when I started in 1995 nobody could imagine that China would grow in such a spectacular way, to the point that today SAMP has 3 manufacturing plants in Shanghai, one for each business unit of the company (Samputensili, Sampsistemi and Sampingranaggi).
Another important effect of the globalization was represented by the huge opportunities offered by the North American market. For this reason, in 2002 Samputensili started a strategic partnership with Star Cutter Company through the creation of the joint-venture Star SU LLC, the sole go-to-market organization based in Hoffmann Estates, IL, responsible for the sales and distribution of cutting tools and machine tools technology for the North American market.”

What are your goals for SAMP in both the near-term and long-term with regard to being a supplier to the worldwide gear manufacturing community? 
“We have always followed a global, international approach both as a company and as an industrial group. Our main goal has always been the satisfaction of our customers’ needs with high professional skills, capacity and quick actions driven by our will to constantly improve.
By doing this, we have always worked hard in order to be close to our customers as a reliable manufacturing company, providing them with the support and service they need in a fast and comprehensive way. This approach had led us through the decades to the creation of a broad network of manufacturing facilities, such as the one in Brazil in 1974, the one in South Korea in 1995, the creation of our American joint-venture Star SU in 2002 and of a Chinese joint-venture between Samputensili and STW in 2005. This has always been our philosophy and we will certainly continue to do so also in the years to come.”

Download the full interview as a PDF file directly here