Gear generating grinding
G 160


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Our G 160 gear generating grinding machine splits the X-axis of current machines into two linear slides (X1, X2), each of which carries one workpiece-spindle.

So both work-spindles are under full position control anytime. Being driven by high dynamic 30 m/s linear motors, changing spindles comes down under 2 seconds including simultaneous repositioning of the grinding wheel. The machine architecture with only three axes instead of 4 axes concept of current machines, is a breakthrough.

The tangential axes are not in the machine and will be created by an interpolation of Z-Y-axes. This stiff machine concept ensures the best production times on the market. The increasing demand on efficiency and noise emission of the gears pushes the grinding process to its limits. The stiffness and stability of a gear generating grinding machine is the main design target for such a high dynamic process, and the G 160 presents a unique design to optimize the dynamic stiffness compared to current standard machine architectures.

Main advantages:

  • High production machine with external short chip to chip time
  • Small footprint
  • Twist control grinding
  • Easy setup of the grinding wheel
  • Automatic meshing of the first workpiece

Technical Data

Model G 160
Workpiece diameter, max. mm160
Module range mn 1.0 – 3.0
Workpiece length, max mm 300
Face width, max mm 180
Helix angle degree gradi +95° / -45°
Grinding wheel dia. mm 275 max / 210 min
Grinding wheel width mm 100
Grinding speed, max. m/s 80
Dressing tool dia. mm 123
Machine dimensions, L x W x H mm 3,275 x 2,200 x 2,285
Controls Siemens Simnumerik 840 D sl

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