Gear profile grinding
G 375 H


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The Samputensili horizontal gear profile grinding machine G 375 H is based on a modular design concept, with a wide range of options, and it is engineered to suit your individual needs, guaranteeing you efficient, top quality manufacture.

This universal machine is ideally suited to grind external and internal spur and helical gears, crown gears, worms, splines, ball screws, rotors for air compressors and screws for hydraulic pumps with grinding wheel and single index profile grinding. Special profiles, for instance asymmetric profiles or cycloid gears, can be produced with input of XY-coordinates.

Main advantages:

  • High stability of the process thanks to this high stable structure
  • High reliability thanks to direct motors and linear motors for the machine axes
  • Excellent quality of the end products coming out to the high precision of the machine
  • Versatile and flexible production
  • Short setup time to switch from internal to external grinding
  • Min diameter of internal gears started from a diameter of 30 mm
  • Gear checking on the machine
  • Automation possible
  • Tool changes possible

Watch the special application G 375 H video! Double helical gear shaft ground  on two gear profile grinding machine G 375 H with dedicated portal loader to reduce downtime

Technical Data

Model G 375 H
Workpiece diameter, max. mm 375
Module, max. mn 15
Profile depth, max mm 35
Workpiece length, max mm 870 (1,450HL)
Centre dist. work spindle / tool spindle mm 35 – 340
Tool spindle power kW 23
Ceramic wheel diameter mm 40 – 360
Grinding spindle speed, max. rpm 18.000
Workpiece weight, max. kg 350
Machine weight, including standard equipment kg 11,000 (12,500 HL)
Controls Siemens Simnumerik 840 D sl

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