If you are at home in the field of industrial air compression; if you produce compressors for cooling units and air conditioning systems; or if you operate in feeding system and extruder screw technology, then we are the partner for you. We deeply know your needs thanks to our own internal engineering department with a wide knowledge of grinding solutions, thereby, we are able to deliver a mechanical warranty on our solutions and process in order to give you the best competitive advantage and return on investment.

Our long experience in gear manufacturing has been extremely useful to tailor our solution on the pumps and compressors industry needs. Samputensili grinding solutions can be found in the plants of leading rotor and screw technology manufacturers all over the world and we are indeed proud that customers from this sector are becoming increasingly interested in our products.

Our solutions help to increase your needs of boosting your productivity reducing energy consumption. No matter the industry of your pumps and compressors (chemical, pharmaceutical, food or petrochemical), our technician are able to design and develop the most state-of-the-art solution in line with your industry requirements and needs.