The gear dry grinding process has been patented


We are so proud to inform you that our gear dry grinding process, the key element of the SG 160 SKYGRIND, has finally been patented!

Indeed, thanks to its capacity to totally eliminate the need for cutting oils, our innovative  SG 160 SKYGRIND machine is extremely environmental friendly, both towards ecosystems and towards our most valuable resource: the health of working people!

This gear dry grinding machine removes most of the stock allowance with the first pass using a hobbing tool, which has the advantage of not heating the workpiece excessively. Subsequently, with the second finishing pass, a grinding wheel removes the remaining stock without causing problems of overheating the workpiece, therefore resulting in a completely dry process. Moreover, its innovative structure with two spindles actuated by linear motors and the use of more channels simultaneously ensure a time of chip-to-chip of less than 2 seconds.

The final result is therefore a productive machine, even faster than traditional dual table grinding machines, characterized by a very small footprint and a lower cost of investment for auxiliary equipment!

Visit the SG 160 SKYGRIND product page to get all information about this ground-breaking machine and its gear dry grinding patented process!