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Our shaper cutters boast over 115 years of experience, thanks to the combined experience of Samputensili, Star-SU and Fellows, and are a guarantee of high quality and efficiency.

We manufacture several different types of shaper cutter:

  • Disc-type
  • Deep counterbore-type
  • Shank-type
  • Special cutters for sprockets, cams, splines, timing belts and large modules
  • For pre-finishing
  • For finishing
  • Available also unground

We are able to manufacture all type of dimension in line with clients’ needs. The normal shaper cutters dimension range is:

  • Module min/mx: 0.5-16.0 mm
  • diameter : 320 mm

Thanks to our tight collaboration with the coating leader company, Oerlikon Balzer, we are able to guarantee the most efficient coating directly in-house. Our shaper cutter coating includes:

  • Gold (TiN)
  • Futura Nano (TiAlN)
  • Alcrona (AlCrN)
  • Altensa (AlCrNX)

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