26 – 31 January 2017 IMTEX Bangalore 2017

IMTEX 2017

We are glad to announce our participation to the IMTEX Bangalore 2017 (January 26-31, 2017). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Come to visit our booth Hall 4, Stand No. A122 !

More information coming soon

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SAMP Group also on Instagram

Instagram SAMPGroup

We know, it took a little while, but finally we are on Instagram! Come and join us on Instagram for beautiful photos, unique behind-the-scenes pictures and more.

Instagram is our new way of making you aware about our work and trying to give you different points of view on engineering in general.

In the SAMP group Instagram account you will also be able also to admire art photos from the SAMP Award of the previous years. The SAMP Award has been organized in collaboration with “Accademia di Belle Arti” of Bologna. It ran for 3 editions (2006-2008-2012), and for each of them the students of the prestigious art academy were challenged to create their best artworks on a specific topic. The first edition was about gears, the second one on wire and cable and the last edition students had to design a project to decorate a white wall of the new SAMP’s plant in Bentivoglio.

So if you like photography, engineering and art in general do not hesitate to follow us. Do not be passive, use Instagram to communicate with us, sharing your engineering art or suggestion. How to do it? Easy, use #SAMPGroup or #beyondprecision ! We will be happy to share your artworks and take suggestions.

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words” – Elliott Erwitt

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Rick Yan new General Manager of Star SU China

Rick Yan Sta SU CHina

We are pleased to announce that Rick Yan (Yan Huaixiang) has been appointed General Manager of Star SU China.
Mr. Yan, 37, holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has matured longstanding experience in the cutting tool industry, including 7 years in the technical field and 10 years in sales, marketing and management.

“Star SU China is a powerful JV with first-quality products and a solid presence in the market”, commented Mr. Yan. “We aim at giving our customers what they most need and value, in a cost-effective and sustainable way. My main priority will be to increase the business in China, making Star SU one of the leader companies among international players”. He then went on to add: “Internally, I want to build a powerful team driven by passion, motivation and confidence. In short, I wish to create a fair play company culture”.

14-16 September 2016 AMB 2016

MAV Samputensili

We are glad to announce our participation to the MAV Expert Lounge 2016 in Stuttgart (September 14-16, 2016). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

AMB, which takes place in Stuttgart from 13 -17 September, is the most important exhibition for metal working this year. Here leading companies from the industry showcase their products
and innovations. From 14 – 16 September twelve technology leaders provide information on future-oriented trends in the AMB Experts‘ Lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair. High-ranking experts make you fit for the future.

On September 14th and 16th, our specialist we will speak about the new gear dry grinding machine SG 160 SKYGRIND by Samputensili. Gelerie der Oskar Lapp Halle (Halle 6)

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SAMP blog now live!


Because engineering is colorful!

SAMP is happy to inform you that, starting from today, we will take care of an awesome blog! Our blog aims at giving voice to many different aspects of mechanical engineering. We would love to reach not only engineers and technicians, but also smart and curious readers who simply want to learn more about this world.

This is the reason why our posts will be really broad in their nature. You will read articles spanning from the history of the wire drawing process to high-technology papers about gear grinding or aluminum inline annealing. But we want to go further than this. We have decided to make our blog an open window on the engineering world, showing the daily life of technicians, specialists, engineers and all people who work in our business.

Our blog is written in a mix of formal and informal language, depending on the nature of the post. So, if you feel like reading high-quality technical papers or more light and fun articles about mechanics in general… you are in the right place!

Our goal is to color the engineering world using our solid know-how. We truly believe that sharing is power and that our blog is the best platform to do it. Moreover, we ask you not to be passive! Let us know what you think about our blog and which topics you would like to analyze in depth. We will do our best to meet your expectations and answer all of your questions!

Check it now www.sampspa.com/blog

SU on Gear Technology

Gear dry grinding machine SG 160 SKYGRIND

In the June publication of Gear Technology, there is an interesting article written by Matthew Jaster about last innovations and developments of Samputensili Machine Tools.

After, a brief Statement of the CEO Enrico Landi on the gear manufacturing needs, the article presents the new state of the art Samputensili machines: SG 160 SKYGRIND and GP 500 HL ; ending to a short interview with Roberto Bagni, our product manager, speaking about the gear manufacturing challenges.

To download the full article please click Download

Or if you want to browse it click here

AMB Iran 2016

Samputensili AMB Iran

We are glad to announce our participation to the AMB Iran Exhibition and Conference (30 May – 1 June, 2016). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Come to our Booth G41 ! Looking forward to meeting you!

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New Digital Strategy

Samputensili digital SAMP

The way we use to communicate with the world has completely changed in the last decade and the whole SAMP Group is ready to face this new challenge with a new digital strategy. Being in the platform that you use is a condicio sine qua non, but being there with relevant contents is our priority! We believe in sharing information and from now on, we will use and exploit to the fullest two main channels: websites and social networks!All of the new independent companies of the SAMP Group have their own new platform and they all share the corporate SAMP social networks. Therefore, stay tuned and start following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter , YouTube and Google+ !Samputensili’s website has been totally revised in order to offer the best navigation experience to all kind of users. Our customers’ expectations are high and extremely different one from the other. For this reason, in order to satisfy all of you, we have developed four different navigations. You will not waste your time searching anymore! In our new site, you will be able to search by sector, application, product and through our special hexagons. Contents have been completely updated, the contact page re-designed, so it will be much easier to contact the right person and receive a prompt response from Samputensili. These are just a few examples of the changes we have made. To find out all of the others, start the navigation!In editing the website, special attention has been paid to the style, which looks fresh, young, simple but dynamic. We aimed at creating a useful, responsive and engaging outlook, and we believe that we have reached our goals!

Having new digital platforms without updated contents would be a big fail, so we have alsodeveloped an editorial calendar, which will cover the main topics sharing latest innovations, data, news etc. All these information will be customized ad hoc according to the specific channel:

  • For synthetic, essential and informative messages: follow us on Twitter 
  • For more professional-oriented posts: follow us on LinkedIn
  • For branding posts and an internal sight of all sister companies: follow us on Facebook
  • If you are bored to read: go to our YouTube channel and watch all of our videos!

Soon we will also be on Instagram, giving you evidence that engineering can be great fun!

Summing up, we will be committed to providing you with the best, therefore we look forward to meeting you here in our site and on our social networks!

SU at the CCMT 2016

CCMT Shanghai Samputensili

We are glad to announce our participation together with Star-SU to the China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2016 in Shanghai (April 11-15, 2016). We look forward to meeting clients, partners and friends to share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

Come to our Booth N4-502 ! Looking forward to meeting you!

More information soon!

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